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AS Velmard headwear factory is an enterprise based on domestic capital and for the last 15 years it has been specializing in headwear manufacturing. AS Velmard is one of the leading factories of the field in Baltic States and Scandinavia.


We design and produce uniform caps, hats and headwear for schools, universities and corporations, but we also supply Defence Forces, Rescue Board, Border Guard Administration and Police Board. In addition to that we produce a wide range of casual headwear which are sold in chain stores and supermarkets both at home market  and abroad. Among our regular customers there are several universities of Nordic Countries, defence forces, fashion boutiques and many well-known European brands. Currently we have 40 employees. Although Velmard is a headwear factory, not an atelier, and we usually prefer larger orders, we still try to be flexible and meet everybody`s needs.


We have hundreds of headwear samples which can help the customers to direct their ideas in case  they are looking for thematic or historical archetype hats. Among other equipment, we also  have up-to-date embroidery machines, doubling presses, steam boxes and wooden and electrical bricks which are essential for giving the hats the final touch and shape. Our long-term experience and modern machinery allow us to produce quality headwear even for the most pretentious customers.


We in Velmard are always mindful, friendly and loyal to our customers, we believe that together we will certainly find the best solutions for every buyer, however small or big.






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